All images © Josephine Skapare 2018

Hi! I'm Josephine Skapare, a Swedish illustrator, letterer and designer. I live in Stockholm with my one-year-old son Elvin and his father. When I'm not spending time with my lovely family I'm either doing client work or experimenting with a personal project. I always have something going. Vegan cooking is great passion of mine, which is one of the reasons I love drawing food so much. Bold colors and shapes with decorative lines is something you will find a lot of in my work. I also tend to add some texture, I love textures.


I'm available for freelance work and licencing, send me an email and let's create something beautiful together!





2015 – Freelance illustrator, letterer and pattern designer

2014 – 2015 Graphic designer at Make Your Mark (Stockholm, Sweden)

2013 – 2014 Art Director at OP Communication (Stockholm, Sweden)

2012 – 2013 Graphic designer at Forma publishing (Stockholm, Sweden)

2011 – 2012 Final Art at Nine Yards (Stockholm, Sweden)



Mainly self taught but I have studied a few courses in digital illustration and graphic design at Linnéuniversitetet (Växjö, Sweden) and at Runö Folkhögskola (Stockholm, Sweden) along with endless amount of online tutorials (still counting, I just can't stop learning new stuff, it's too much fun)